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November 2019

Biofeedback, relaxation training, and music: homeostasis for coping with stress

Journal/Book: Biofeedback Self Regul. 1984; 9: 169-79.

Abstract: This study compared the efficacy of five relaxation training procedures, four of which employed EMG auditory feedback: biofeedback only (BF), autogenic training phrases (ATP) , music (MU), autogenic training phrases and music (ATP & MU), and a control group, in developing self-regulation of a "cultivated low arousal state" as a countermeasure to tensed muscular reaction to stressful imagery. Twenty subjects established a pre- and posttraining frontalis region EMG biofeedback baseline measurement. Sixteen subjects were assigned at random to the 25-minute taped relaxation training procedure. After eight training sessions (4 weeks) , MU and ATP & MU groups achieved highly significant differences when compared with the control group. The ATP & MU group attained the lowest postbaseline arousal level measured by the EMG. EMG as a physiological measure for transfer of training functioned well in detecting the psychophysiological affect of stressful imagery.

Keyword(s): Biofeedback (Psychology)|. Electromyography|. Muscle Contraction|. Muscle Relaxation|. Music|. Stress, Psychological|CO

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