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September 2019

The use of art in assessment of psychotic disorders: Changing perspectives

Author(s): Iager, Andrei C.

Journal/Book: Arts in Psychotherapy. 1984; 11: 197-201.

Abstract: Reviews the literature on the use of art in psychiatric assessment of psychosis and on current developments and views within the field of psychiatry that are changing perspectives about the phenomenology of psychosis. The topics reviewed include the nature of artistic behavior, copying and projective tests as methods of graphic assessment, and art as a tool in diagnostic assessment. It is concluded that art in psychiatric assessment holds promise for application in research and treatment, but as yet the field remains in its early developmental stages. The work of L. Gantt and P. Howie (1979) who developed a chart that linked characteristics of artworks with DMS-III categories and the study of schizophrenic art by S. P. Amos (see PA, Vol 69:3535) are cited as examples of progress in the use of art in psychiatric assessment. It is suggested that a challenge for future research is to conduct validation studies for these empirical findings. (42 ref)

Note: art; diagnostic assessment of psychosis; literature review

Keyword(s): Literature review; psychodiagnosis ; psychosis ; art ; projective techniques

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