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September 2019

Aphasia with elation, hypermusia, musicophilia and compulsive whistling

Journal/Book: Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry. 1984; 47: 308-310.

Abstract: Presents the case study of a musically naive 57-yr-old male with dominant front-temporal and anterior parietal infarct who developed transcortical mixed aphasia. From early convalescence, S exhibited elated mood with hyperprosody and repetitive, spontaneous whistling and whistling in responses to questions. He often spontaneously sang without error in pitch, melody, rhythm, and lyrics, and he spent long periods of time listening to music. Parallel with a good recovery of verbal skills over 28 mo of speech therapy, his music behavior diminished. It is suggested that musicality and singing be tested at bedside to examine whether preservation of these abilities in aphasics might portend eventual recovery. (23 ref)

Note: elation & hypermusia & spontaneous whistling & musicophilia; musically naive 57 yr old male with aphasia

Keyword(s): Aphasia ; musical ability; compulsions ; euphoria ; adulthood

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