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July 2020

[Psychology in rehabilitation]

Author(s): Lucius, G.

Journal/Book: Rehabilitation (Stuttg). 1984; 23: 1-9.

Abstract: The article gives an overview of the importance and potentialities of psychology in the context of rehabilitation, outlining, among others, the psychologist's various tasks and functions relative to diagnosis, counselling, and therapy in medical, education, vocational, and psychosocial rehabilitation. Theories describing psychosocial factors involved in the development of, and in coping with, disability are discussed. Further, psychological intervention approaches are set out, focussing on their particular relevance to rehabilitation. Special attention is given to the psychologist's position within the interdisciplinary team, as well as to possibilities for, and requirements of, professional training and further education in rehabilitation psychology. As the various subjects could not be dealth with exhaustively, the article includes numerous references for further reading and links up with subsequent five contributions dealing with the main theme of the present issue of Die Rehabilitation.

Keyword(s): Adolescence. Adult. Age Factors. Autogenic Training. Behavior Therapy. Child. English Abstract. Family Therapy. Human. Music Therapy. Occupational Therapy. Patient Care Team. Personality Tests. Physician's Role. Psychotherapy. Rehabilitation/psychology. Vocational Guidance

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