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July 2020

Blissongs-Augmentative Singing for the Nonverbal Multihandicapped Child

Abstract: This study addressed the cerebral palsied nonverbal multihandicapped child's inability to participate in a classroom song activity, and music therapists' lack of awareness of further options to intervene with and integrate these children into the group music therapy format. The study predsented the author's original technique in a 40-page booklet titled Blissongs-Augmentative Singing for the Nonverbal Multihandicapped Client: A Manual for Music Therapists. The results of this study indicated that participants in the inservice training session were adequately exposed to Blissymbolics, gained knowledge about therapeutic interventions for the nonverbal child (such as Blissongs), changed some preciously set attitudes regarding the value of singing with the nonverbal, and increased their self confidence regarding music therapy skills needed to work with the nonverbal multihandicapped.

Note: blissongs, augmentative-singing.

Keyword(s): children, multiple-disabilities, nonverbal, cerebral-palsy, singing, blissymbolics.

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