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February 2020

De quelques representations de soignants sur la musicotherapie. (Several attendants' representations of musicotherapy.)

Author(s): Lemercier, M.

Journal/Book: Information Psychiatrique. 1984; 60: 171-176.

Abstract: Surveyed attendants on 2 child-psychiatric units in 1979 before the introduction of music therapy. They saw music as both a source of cohesion and harmony and a source of dysharmony and aggression in patients. The power of music to fascinate, unite, provide pleasure, serve in the background, and be an instrument of transgression is reviewed. It is suggested that music has the power to penetrate into the psychotic state of the child, but may seduce them as did the songs of mermaids (the maternal phallus) in the legends of sailors. The problem of a fatal relationship with an archaic mother and the phallus stake is discussed. (Italian & Spanish abstracts) (12 ref)

Note: use of music as source of therapy; child psychiatry

Keyword(s): Psychiatric hospitals; music therapy; child psychiatry; childhood

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