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August 2020

Immunological reactivity of tumor associated glycoproteins prepared by affinitychromatography

Journal/Book: Archiv Geschwulstforsch. 54 (6), 451-461. 1984;

Abstract: Crude 3M KCl extracts prepared from tumor tissue and ascitic tumor cellsof methylnitrosourea-induced fibrosarcoma of CBA mice or of a humanstomach adenocarcinoma were gelfiltrated on Ultrogel AcA 34. Singlefractions of these preparations were incubated with spleen cells oftumor bearing mice or blood peripheral lymphocytes. The response wasdetected by MEM-technique. Antigenic activities were found in molecularweight ranges from 200 to 300 kD (P1) and from 40 to 70 kD (P2). Singleglycoproteins of the P1- and P2-fractions could be separated by affinitychromatography on immobilized D-galactose specific mistletoe lectin I,as detected by electrophoresis on microgradient gels (1.2-40%) or on SDSpolyacrylamide slab gels. Especially the isolated glycoproteins of theP1-fractions are responsible for the observed antigenic reactivity,assayed in vitro by the MEM-technique and in vivo by foot pad swellingtest. Author.

Keyword(s): ADENOCARCINOMA/AN (analysis)

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