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▄ber das Sensibilisierungsvrm÷gen von Compositenarten

Author(s): Busker, E., Carle, R.

Journal/Book: Planta Medica. 1984; 3: 205-284.

Abstract: A bibliographic review reveals that about 50 reports refer to allergic reactions following "chamomile". However, only in five papers, the botanical identification of the material allowed to establish a correlation between the observed allergic lesions and the suspicious plant species (Chamomilla recutita). In the majority of the other instances effects were caused by species of the genus Anthemis, frequently called "chamomile" as well.Experimental studies in guinea pigs using a rigorous sensitizing technique proved Ch. recutita (German chamomile) as well as KAMILLOSAN«, a total extract from its bisabololtype, to possess a low sensitizing capacity. Under identical test conditions the bisabolol oxide B-chemotype of Ch. recutita has an evident moderate allergenic activity. Evidence was given that chamomile allergy is due to anthecotulid a linear sesquiterpene lactone which is detectable in this chemical strain at variable but low levels. Negative test reactions were ascertained with further isolated compounds from Ch. recutita and various sesquiterpene lactones from Compositae using sensitized guinea pigs treated with KAMILLOSAN«. Therefore, chamomile for pharmaceutical and cosmetic purposes should be free of the sensitizing sesquiterpene lactone. Anthecotulid previously isolated from Anthemis cotula (Dog fennel, Stinking mayweed) at concentrations up to 7.3 ░/o, proved to be the reason of commonly observed primary irritant contact dermatitis specific of this species. Its low yield in German chamomile flowers of bisabolol oxide B-chemotype does not induce primary irritations. Specific hypersensitivity might rarely be induced by chamomile of bisabolol oxide B-type and the other known chemotypes in particular.

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