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August 2019

Primary Sjögren's syndrome treated with Efamol/Efavit. A double-blind cross-over investigation

Author(s): Hagen, P. , S, Prause, J.

Journal/Book: Rheumatology International. 1984; 4: 165-167.

Abstract: Thirty-six patients with primary Sjögren's symptome participated in a randomised double-blind, crossover, 3-week, study to compare the effect of Efamol (1500 mg X 2) with that of Placebo. Efamol contains 9% of the prostaglandin-El precursor gamma-linolenic acid, which is presumed to occur in reduced levels in Sjögren's syndrome. Efamol treatment improved the Schirmer-I-test (P < 0.03) while values of Break-up time,- van Bijsterveld score, corneasensitivity, tear-lysozyme and nuclear chromatin in conjunctival epithelial cells did not reach the statistical 0.05 level.

Keyword(s): Primary Sjögren's Syndrome

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