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October 2022

J Ethnopharmacol. 1983 May; 7(3): 247-65.

Anna Pavala Sindhooram--an antiatherosclerotic Indian drug.

Shanmugasundaram KR, Seethapathy PG, Shanmugasundaram ER.

The procedure for the preparation of Anna Pavala Sindhooram (APS), a drug based on the concepts of Indian medicine for the prevention and reversal of the atherosclerotic disease process is described in detail. The uniformity in the composition of samples of the drug obtained in 10 batches, prepared over a period of 5 years is evident from the chemical analysis of the mineral constituents. The possibility of iodine, copper, iron, calcium and magnesium present in the Anna Pavala Sindhooram, acting metabolically to reduce hypercholesterolemia is discussed. The ingredients used are green vitriol (Annabedi or ferrous sulphate), coral reef (Corallium rubrum or Pavalam), leaves of Acalypha indica (Kuppaimeni), Lippia nodiflora (Poduthalai), Vinca rosea (Nityakalyani), Lawsonia alba (maruthondri) and Cynodon dactylon (Arugampul) and the flowers of Hibiscus rosasinensis (Chemparathampoo) and the ripe fruits of Phyllanthus emblica (nellikkai). Sindhooram is the chief therapeutic form of herbo-mineral preparations used in the Sidha system of Indian medicine.

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