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September 2022

Br J Rheumatol. 1983 May; 22(2): 73-6.

Lateral humeral epicondylitis--a study of natural history and the effect of conservative therapy.

Binder AI, Hazleman BL.

One hundred and twenty-five patients with lateral humeral epicondylitis treated in a rheumatology clinic were reviewed 1-5 years after presentation. Ten per cent of patients remained symptomatic at discharge, 26% had recurrence of symptoms and many were symptomatic at review. Over 40% of patients had prolonged minor discomfort which affected some activities. Thus tennis elbow is often associated with prolonged disability. This disability is not necessarily recognized by their medical practitioners as frequently patients do not return for further treatment. Ultrasound was not as effective (53% improved) as steroid injection (89% improved), but recurrence was less frequent.

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