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October 2022

Minerva Med. 1983 Apr; 74(17): 953-60.

[Acupuncture treatment of painful and dysfunctional syndromes in subjects exposed to severe stress. Psychosomatic interpretation in the light of the dermatoneuromeric theory]

Speciani A, Milani L.

The authors, describe a specimen of subjects from Majano, Friuli, one of the communes that were largely struck by earthquake in 1976 and therefore by its social and cultural consequences which still play an important role in the life of those people. The specimen refers to those patients who spontaneously reported about the setting-up of the symptomatology with reference to the earthquake even when the disease had set up subsequently. Acupunctural points--mostly psychical--have been used. 70% of the subjects have recovered. 30% have markedly improved and recovered after a treatment on local points. A good deal of subjects had been treated with drugs and even acupuncture without successful results. The results are here considered following a psychosomatic view and the dermatoneuromeric theory.

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