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October 2022

Hautarzt. 1983 Oct; 34(10): 496-9.

[Multiple lymphocytoma at the point of puncture as complication of acupuncture treatment. Traumatic origin of lymphocytoma]

Bork K.

In general, side effects of acupuncture are rare and this also concerns dermatological diseases caused by acupuncture. Mostly, infectious diseases occur by inoculation of the infectious agents, especially cutaneous bacterial diseases as staphylococcal folliculitis and abscesses, favoured by insufficient sterilisation of the needles. A 34-year-old female patient is reported, who developed multiple lymphocytomata cutis over the ears in the course of an acupuncture. The tumors appeared at the insert sites of the needles and always followed the auricular acupuncture though taking place at different times. During the past the connection between different traumata and lymphocytoma cutis has been stressed several times and in the same way this case report underlines the etiological hetrogeneity of this peculiar inflammatory reaction type.

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