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September 2022

Vutr Boles. 1983 ; 22(6): 110-3.

[Menopausal indices as criteria for the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment of the climacteric syndrome (preliminary report)]

Popivanov P.

Ten female patients with manifested climacteric syndrome (CS) were treated by acupuncture according to the traditional east methodology, the basic therapy making use of the points--Năi-Guan, Gun-Sun, Hă-Gu and Zsu-San-Li and for the determination of the severity of CS and the effect of its treatment --five of the most often applied menopause indices (MI) in the hormonal treatment of CS were used. Copperman, Blatt--modification of Neugarten and Kreins: Jones, Marshall and Nordin: Wenderlein and Striker. The favourable clinical results observed from the acupuncture treatment, determined by MI, are similar to the results, reported by the authors, making use of MI in the hormonal treatment of CS. That provided grounds to admit that they are suitable criteria also for the objectivization of the effect of the acupuncture treatment of climacteric syndrome.

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