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October 2022

No Shinkei Geka. 1983 Sep; 11(9): 983-7.

[Acromegaly and spinal canal stenosis]

Urasaki E, Kodama T, Matsukado Y.

A rare case of acromegaly with radiculomyelopathy due to spinal canal stenosis is reported. A long history of acromegalic deformity was seen on this 55 years old acupuncture therapist for the last 18 years, while he had developed unusually increased appetite, profuse perspiration and gained weight. Fifteen years ago, acromegalic tendency became prominent and was accompanied by low back and knee pain. In 1974 CB-154 was administered in several occasions beside 4000 rads irradiation to the sella. After radiation therapy was completed his outlook was somewhat improved, although low back pain was aggravated and associated with atrophy of the left lower extremity. The neurological examination at admission in 1980 revealed acromegalic feature, increased DTRs on both upper and lower extremities, dysesthesia of feet and atrophy of the leg muscles in general, mainly due to diffuse atrophy. Patient bended knees due to pain and unable to walk. He had radiating pain in the postero-lateral aspect of the left lower extremity and some dysesthesia of feet, although no specific root lesion was identifiable. Spinal roentgenograms disclosed diffuse ossification of anterior and posterior longitudinal ligaments, and marked spondylotic changes. Although the low back pain was impending complaint of the patient, the hypophyseal tumor was advised to remove and transsphenoidal hypophyseal adenomectomy was performed. A good amount of softend tumor tissue was removed however, adenoma found markedly fibrotic. Low back pain and knee were decreased gradually, but intermittent claudication was evident. Acromegaly in association with spinal canal stenosis were reviewed in literature, and the relationship of growth hormone and therapeutic problems were discussed.

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