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September 2022

Am J Chin Med. 1983 ; 11(1-4): 143-5.

Acupuncture and rehabilitation (II) study in cases of snapping finger.

Arichi S, Arichi H, Toda S.

We found that "juci" appearing in "Wangdinlijingsumen" is very effective in the treatment of snapping fingers: It was revealed that the finger became able to move immediately after the acupuncture had been carried out on the healthy side at the symmetrical part to the lesion. The snapping fingers were improved by the flection-extension exercise and the massage carried out while the effect of acupuncture continued because the joint could move normally during this period. Since this result accords with the principle that the exercises with the extending motility allow an augmentation in effects of rehabilitation (Reha), authors think this therapy is extremely valuable. In this paper, some cases of difficult snapping finger treated with this therapy were reported.

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