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October 2022

Am J Chin Med. 1983 ; 11(1-4): 137-42.

Acupuncture and rehabilitation (I) effect of acupuncture on normal side to snapping finger.

Arichi S, Arichi H, Toda S.

The snapping finger condition has increased recently. And this condition is difficult to recover in most cases. The snapping finger condition was improved quite remarkably by the rehabilitation (Reha) of the leison performed immediately after acupuncture in the symmetrical part of the leison on the normal side and Chu-chih (LI-11), Shou-son-li (LI-10), Wai-kuan (TH-5), Ho-ku (LI-4) and Yang-chih (TH-4) on the normal side. But the favorable effect could not be obtained when Reha had not been performed on the leison. The effects were slight either in the combination therapy of Reha of the leison with the acupuncture of the leison and Chu-chih (LI-11), Shou-san-li (LI-10), Wai-kuan (TH-5), Ho-ku (LI-4) and Yang-chih (TH-4) on the abnormal side or in the simple treatment with Reha or with the acupuncture on the abnormal side. The acupuncture in the normal side resulted in a more remarkable result after Reha (Reha-effect) because Reha of the leison could easily contend with it. It is a valuable means of therapy as the snapping finger condition is presently on the increase.

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