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September 2022

Unfallchirurgie. 1983 Dec; 9(6): 303-7.

[Testing the effect of acupuncture in accident patients using skin temperature measurements]

Rabl V, Bochdansky T, Hertz H, Kern H, Meng A.

Skin temperature was studied on a group of 54 patients suffering from accident traumas and 20 healthy probands during and after treatment. In all patients there was a very significant rise in skin temperature in the area of the lesion which persisted beyond the treatment period, and in some cases even increased. This effect was also observed to a lesser extent on the contralateral, untreated extremity. No change in skin temperature was observed in the healthy probands who were treated in the same manner. This leads to the conclusion that needle stimuli in the area of lesions have not only a local, hyperemic effect, but also demonstrate superregional actions; this is, however, dependent on the integrity of the organism.

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