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October 2022

Minerva Med. 1983 Nov; 74(42): 2547-56.

[The Tae Yang (V) and Tou Mo (VG) meridians as vestiges of embryonic structures. Acupuncture as embryo reflex therapy: a new theory]

Milani L.

A new theory for the understanding of the therapeutic results of two channels of Chinese Acupuncture: Urinary Bladder (U.B.) and Tou Mo. It is possible to underline that these two channels represent in the adult the trace of anatomical structures present in the human embryo. The series of medial posterior branches at their skin output are the Yu points where the myotomic slides split in their epiaxial and hypoaxial parts (statural and kinetic muscles). Tou Mo channel is the adult trace of the embryonic primitive line.

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