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October 2022

Trop Geogr Med. 1983 Jun; 35(2): 151-6.

Beliefs and treatment related to diarrhoeal episodes reported in association with measles.

Shahid NS, Rahman AS, Aziz KM, Faruque AS, Bari MA.

Eighty mothers whose children had measles in the past month were interviewed for beliefs and practices related to the management of measles and measles associated diarrhoea. Beliefs and practices about diarrhoea, associated with measles are described. Diarrhoea during and after measles was considered beneficial by mothers, who believed it helped to flush out impurities from the body. Paradoxically ORS was not used because of an erroneous idea that ORS would stop diarrhoea. Informing mothers that ORS will not stop diarrhoea, but will help in flushing out the impurities, could enhance ORS use, reducing morbidity and mortality. The prevalent belief, that measles patients must be kept in a clean environment is useful and should be encouraged. Other beliefs and practices to hasten the eruption are neutral, but since they encourage cleanliness and isolation, need not be discouraged.

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