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September 2022

Thromb Res. 1983 Jun; 30(6): 619-24.

The effects of a vegetarian diet on platelet function and fatty acids.

Chetty N, Bradlow BA.

Nine healthy subjects taking an average mixed "Western" diet were placed on a vegetarian diet poor in arachidonic acid for four weeks. All animal and marine foods except for cows milk and milk products were excluded. Platelet aggregation responses to arachidonic acid and epinephrine increased slightly whereas responses to ADP and collagen were unchanged. Platelet thromboxane production, platelet counts, serum LDL cholesterol and triglycerides did not change but total and HDL serum cholesterol levels fell significantly. There was a significant rise in platelet arachidonic acid content but other platelet fatty acids did not change significantly. A reduction in dietary arachidonic acid did not inhibit platelet aggregation or thromboxane production.

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