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September 2022

Biull Eksp Biol Med. 1983 May; 95(5): 19-21.

[Role of catecholamine neurons in the reticular lateral nuclei in regulating sensitivity to pain during exposure to reflex stimuli]

Bragin EO, Batueva NN, Monaenkov KA.

Experiments were made on rats in which the effects of catecholaminergic neuronal systems of lateral reticular A-1 nuclei were eliminated with 6-OHDA. The latency of pain reactions tested by the hot-plate and tail-flick tests remained unchanged after operation. After auricular electric acupuncture the rats manifested no changes in the above reactions as compared with the initial level, which evidences that A-1 nuclei play an important role in the mechanisms of analgesia under consideration. Stimulation of the small pelvis organs (SSPO) entailed a short-term and significant inhibition of the analgetic effect as regards the control which also points to the involvement of A-1 nuclei into activation of antinociceptive processes. Besides, during SSPO, there was a significant elevation of the response measured by the tail-flick test as compared to the initial level of the pain reaction.

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