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October 2022

Sem Hop. 1983 Dec; 59(45): 3109-14.

[Acupuncture and sciatica in the acute phase. Double-blind study of 30 cases]

Duplan B, Cabanel G, Piton JL, Grauer JL, Phelip X.

Responses to acupuncture were studied in 30 patients with acute sciatica. Objective and subjective criteria were analyzed before treatment and after five sessions of acupuncture. The study was double blind. Patients were randomly assigned to one of two groups: 15 were treated on electrically detected points and 15 on "placebo" points. In the "placebo" group, no significant improvement was recorded. Conversely, in the treated group, study of objective criteria showed improvement of the Lasegue sign. Among subjective symptoms, positive responses were recorded in the duration of improvement, degree of improvement in decubitus and after ten minutes standing, and use of analgesics. Compared to the "placebo" group these changes are statistically significant.

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