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October 2022

Unfallchirurgie. 1983 Dec; 9(6): 308-13.

[The effect of standardized acupuncture programs in the after-care of accident patients]

Rabl V, Bochdansky T, Hertz H, Kern H, Meng A.

153 patients suffering from pain, edematous conditions, and impaired movement following traumas sustained in accidents were treated or after-treated with acupuncture. Acupuncture was applied in adherence to a standardized program according to the individual types of injury. The stimulus was applied by means of steel needles inserted into body as well as ear acupuncture points. In all 9 groups, improvement of the painful condition was significant to highly significant as it was regarding improvement of the movement impairment, the latter not having been emphasized in the other 3 groups. Remaining complaints of long standing following accident traumas could also be positively influenced. Acupuncture proved itself to be an effective form of therapy for after-treatment of accident patients, presenting a valuable supplement to the field of rehabilitation, especially when combined with other physical therapeutic measures.

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