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September 2022

J Am Diet Assoc. 1983 Mar; 82(3): 246-50.

The trace metal status of a group of post-menopausal vegetarians.

Gibson RS, Anderson BM, Sabry JH.

The copper, manganese, and selenium status of 36 post-menopausal vegetarians was compared with that of a group of post-menopausal omnivores, using dietary trace element intake data, serum and hair copper levels, and hair manganese and hair selenium levels as the principal indexes. Findings of this study suggest that the copper and selenium status of these long-term vegetarian women was comparable to that of non-vegetarians, despite the high intake of dietary fiber by the vegetarian group. In contrast, the manganese status of the vegetarians, as indicated by elevated hair manganese levels, was higher, almost certainly as a result of the significantly higher manganese intake of this group.

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