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October 2021

Lepr India. 1980 Apr; 52(2): 260-6.

Amyloidosis in leprosy.

Gupta JC, Panda PK.

Fourteen hundred and forty five biopsied tissues of various organs including liver, skeletal muscle, kidney, lymphnode, larynx and skin from 1222 patients of leprosy obtained during the last 10 years have been examined histopathologically to study various types of pathological lesions. These patients ranged in age from 7 years to 72 years and the duration of illness varied from less than one year to twenty years. Although the presence of lepromatous granuloma, AFB in varying proportions, and some nonspecific lesions have been observed in them, but amyloidosis was not detected in any of them. This finding is discussed in view of the observations of other authors of different parts of the world in this connection. Consumption of mainly vegetarian diet in our population and that of meat in Western population has been suggested to be the probable cause of the difference of amyloidosis observed in the two groups of people.

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