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October 2021

Neurol Neurochir Pol. 1980 May-Jun; 14(3): 259-62.

[Acupuncture in headache and radicular syndromes]

Domzał T, Kwasucki J, Zaleska B.

The reported own experiences are related to acupuncture with injections of 10% NaCl solution (irritating the nerve endings) into selected points. Since 1973 this method was applied in 171 patients with radicular painful syndromes and 120 patients with headaches. In a group of 107 cases of sciatic pain a persistent analgesic effect was achieved in 30 cases (28%) and immediate disappearance of pain occurred in 21 cases (20%). In a group of 64 patients with shoulder pains a persistent effect was obtained in 36 cases (56%) and immediate but transient in 7 (10,9%). Among 43 patients with migraine a persistent good effect was observed in 24 cases (55,8%) and an immediate relief which was transient in 9 cases (20,9%). In 77 cases of vasomotor headaches a persistent effect was noticed in 37 patients (48%) and an immediate transient one in 23 (29,8%). It is not absolutely necessary to insert the needles into the traditional points accepted in classic acupuncture. During one procedure from 3 to 10 needles were inserted leaving them for about 15 minutes. From 3 to 15 procedures were given, mostly on consecutive days until a significant effect was obtained.

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