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October 2021

Pain. 1980 Apr; 8(2): 231-6.

A combined treatment with D-amino acids and electroacupuncture produces a greater analgesia than either treatment alone; naloxone reverses these effects.

Cheng RS, Pomeranz B.

The D-amino acids (DAA), D-phenylalanine and D-leucine, produce naloxone reversible analgesia; electroacupuncture (EA) also produces analgesia which is blocked by naloxone. Combining the two treatments produces an additive effect with a larger analgesia than that produced by either treatment given alone; this combined effect is also blocked by naloxone. Moreover only 62% of the mice show EA analgesia and 53% show D-amino acid (DAA) analgesia; 80% of the animals show marked analgesia with both EA plus DAA treatment. Perhaps the combination of EA with DAA will provide a potent method for the treatment of clinical pain.

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