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October 2021

J Am Diet Assoc. 1980 Apr; 76(4): 360-5.

Preschool vegetarian children. Dietary and anthropometric data.

Fulton JR, Hutton CW, Stitt KR.

Three-day dietary intakes were obtained on forty-eight preschool children between two and five years old, who had followed a vegetarian diet since birth. Intakes were calculated for food energy and selected nutrients. In addition, the children were measured for height, weight, triceps and subscapular skinfolds, and arm circumference. Average dietary intakes of the children compared favorably with the Recommended Dietary Allowances. Calcium was the only nutrient consumed in less than optimal amounts. Average intakes of the calculated amino acids were adequate when compared with available information. In general, anthropometric data were below the standards established by HANES findings, the National Center for Health Statistics, and available arm circumference data.

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