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October 2021

Biull Eksp Biol Med. 1980 ; 89(1): 7-9.

[Electroacupuncture inhibition of nociceptive responses in the caudal trigeminal nucleus]

Moskovets ON, Reshetniak VK, Durinian RA.

Acute experiments on cats showed that auricular electroacupuncture (AEAP)) produces significant inhibition of evoked potentials (EP) in the caudal trigeminal nucleus which occur under single stimulation of the tooth pulp. The inhibition of EP lasts for 60--80 min. Then gradual (over 30--40 min) recovery of EP is recorded. Acupuncture stimulation decreases insignificantly the amplitude of EP caused by irritation of mouth mucosa. This fact indicates that AEAP inhibits nociceptive responses but does not affect mediation of signals in other modalities. It was established that reacing of AEAP analgetic effect does not require that the classical scheme of acupuncture point localization be strictly followed.

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