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October 2021

Am J Chin Med. 1980 Winter; 8(4): 367-9.

Neurophysiological demonstration of an acupuncture point in man.

Funakoshi M, Kawakita K.

Relationship between an acupuncture point and the nerve fascicle was demonstrated electrophysiologically. A tungsten microelectrode was inserted to the acupuncture point Chu-Tse percutaneously in an awake human subject. When the subject experienced the particular sensation of Teh-chi, nerve impulses were recorded simultaneously. Electrical stimulation (5 Hz, biphasic pulse, 15 min) applied to the point through the electrode increased the pain threshold of the face and palm (147--171% of the control). These facts indicate that some of the acupuncture points located on the nerve fascicle and mechanical stimulation to the nerve fascicle play a part in the production of the Teh-chi sensation.

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