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October 2021

Minerva Med. 1980 Dec; 71(51): 3709-13.

[Experimental research on the effect of electro-acupuncture on reparative processes]

Di Bernardo N, Crisafulli A, Gemelli F, Ferlazzo F, Cucinotta E, Foti A.

With a view to clarifying the mechanism whereby electroacupuncture aids teh repair of trophic ulcers, including inveterate forms resistant to ordinary treatments, reference is made to histochemical findings and histological findings in periulcerous tissues and experimental research into wound healing. Preliminary work showed that electroacupuncture improves the blood supply to ulcerous tissue and the local biochemistry, and accelerates the repair process. Experimental work also made it clear that the method, when use on alternate days with the modalities employed in clinical practice, accelerates the healing of wounds in the experimental animal.

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