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October 2021

Am J Chin Med. 1980 Autumn; 8(3): 245-53.

Comparison of sodium salicylate, morphine sulfate, and acupuncture at Jen-Chung (Go-26) on the cardiovascular system of dogs.

Lee DC, Lee MO, Clifford DH.

The cardiovascular effects of the administration of sodium salicylate (100 mg/kg), the administration of morphine sulfate (0.5 mg/kg) and acupuncture by electrocautery at Jen-Chung (Go-26) were compared in groups of dogs under 0.75% halothane anesthesia. Cardiac output (CO), stroke volume (SV), heart rate (HR), mean arterial pressure (MAP), pulse pressure (PP), central venous pressure (CVP), total peripheral resistance (TPR), pH, PaCO2, PaO2 and base deficit were measured over a two hour period. A significant increase in CO, SV, PP, and CVP in addition to a significant decrease in TPR were observed following the administration of sodium salicylate. Morphine sulfate decreased the CO, HR, and MAP significantly while the SV and PP were significantly increased. Acupuncture by electrocautery at Jen-Chung (Go-26) produced a significant increase in CO, SV, HR, MAP, and PP and a significant decrease in TPR. This model was satisfactory in comparing cardiovascular changes evoked by a mild analgesic, sodium salicylate, a potent opiate, morphine sulfate, and acupuncture by electrocautery at Jen-Chung (Go-26).

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