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October 2021

Farmakol Toksikol. 1980 Mar-Apr; 43(2): 161-4.

[Influence of morphine and reserpine on the experimental effect of electrostimulation of biologically active points]

Iasnetsov VV, Komendantova MV.

In experiments on unanesthetized cats, electric stimulation of biologically active points (BAP) led to a prolonged facilitation of the amplitude of brain cortex evoked potentials. Morphine (2--2.5 mg/kg) produced unidirectional changes (with respect to electric stimulation) in the electrophysiological indices. Reserpine (5 mg/kg) shortened the period of the effect induced by electric stimulation of BAP during complete depletion of the brain monoamine pool. It is suggested that variation in the balance of brain biogenic amines is of certain importance for, rather than determines the realization of the effect of BAP electric stimulation.

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