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October 2021

Lipids. 1980 May; 15(5): 345-55.

Composition of the lipids in human milk: a review.

Jensen RG, Clark RM, Ferris AM.

Recent publications on the composition of human milk are reviewed. The importance of proper sampling is discussed. Fat contents of 2.6-4.5% and cholesterol amounts of 200-650 mg/100 g fat were reported. The phytosterols in milk were increased by the consumption of these sterols. Phytosterols could contribute to the "total cholesterol" in milk if analyses are done colorimetrically. The fatty acid composition is remarkably uniform unless bizarre diets are consumed; the amounts of linoleic acid vary the most. Phospholipids contained more long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids than triacylglycerols.

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