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October 2021

Biull Eksp Biol Med. 1980 Apr; 89(4): 401-3.

[Effect of auricular electroacupuncture on the motor manifestations of nociceptive reactions]

Moskovets ON.

The effect of low frequency auricular electroacupuncture (EAP) on electromyographic responses (EMGR) of the anterior belly of the digastruc muscle, elicited by stimulation of tooth pulp was studied in cat experiments. It was shown that observed augmentation of the EMGR amplitude produced by EAP depended on tonic activation of gamma-motoneurons of the muscle. This activation directly correlated with EAP intensity. At the same time the latent period of EMGR increased by one-two synapses on account of inhibiting shorter pathways in the afferent part of the reflex arch with intensive EAP. The inhibition of EAP-induced augmentation of EMGR can be achieved by administration of small doses of barbiturates that potentiate the analgetic action of EAP.

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