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March 2023

Music Therapy and its Relationship to Current Treatment Theories

Note: The focus is on clarification of relationships between music therapy and other approaches within the field of mental health. Discussions include medical model theories, psychoanalytical theories, behavioral theories, and humanistic / existential trends in psychology.

Keyword(s): Preface . I. MEDICAL MODEL THEORIES. 1. Criticism of and Alternatives to the Medical Model. 2. The Influence of Music upon Man. 3. Summary and Conclusion . II. PSYCHOANALYTICAL THEORIES. 1. Introduction. 2. Music and Psychoanalytic Theory. 3. The Language of Music. 4. The Development of Musical Language. 5. The Intrapsychic Sources of Music. 6. Music and Emotions. 7. The Structure of Music. 8. The Personality of the Musician. 9. The Functions of Music. 10. Music as Stimulus. 11. Music as an Ego-function. 12. Psychoanalytic Theory and Music. 13. Therapy Practice. 14. Possible "Limitations" of Psychoanalytic. 15. Theories and Their Implications for. 16. Music Therapy. 17.Summary and Conclusion

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