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December 2022

The role of music in the Sociotherapeutic Club

Journal/Book: Psihijatrija Danas. 1979; 11: 381-385.

Abstract: Reports on the use of music in the therapy, rehabilitation, and resocialization of mental patients in the Sociotherapeutic Club of the Institute of Mental Health in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Music facilitated expression of hidden emotions and allowed emotional discharge that could be used in individual treatment. Music was found to be one of the essential factors in resocialization. Because of the music, many inhibited, shy, and autistic patients joined the group. Severely disturbed psychotic patients learned how to tolerate and accept others in order to be accepted themselves. Musical activities provided the opportunity for some patients to gain self-confidence and achieve self-affirmation. Music provided direct gratification to immature persons. (English abstract) (5 ref)

Note: music in sociotherapeutic club; emotional expression & resocialization & social interactions & self acceptance; mental patients

Keyword(s): Music therapy; psychosocial resocialization; psychosocial rehabilitation; psychiatric patients; social interaction; self esteem

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