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December 2022

The effect of interrupted music and incompatible responses on bodily movement and music attentiveness

Author(s): Wolfe, David E.

Journal/Book: Journal of Music Therapy. 1979; 16: 17-30.

Abstract: Examined the effect on bodily movement of (a) interrupted music during a reading task, (b) interrupted music during a listening task, (c) an incompatible response using rhythmic movement, and (d) negative practice procedures. A total of 80 normal Ss participated, with 20 Ss randomly assigned to each of the 4 experimental conditions. A complete reversal design was used to isolate the effect of the 4 variables on designated bodily movement, and a questionnaire was administered to assess degree of awareness of the experimental intent. Results indicate that when a task requires an individual to attend to music in some manner, this attention occupies a high degree of participant involvement, thus creating a reduction in "other" behavior. Alternately, in a situation where music becomes a competing factor in relationship to another task, the music may actually be phased out of awareness in order for the Ss to attend to the primary task. (33 ref)

Note: interrupted music & incompatible responses; bodily movement & music attentiveness; implications for music therapy

Keyword(s): Music ; response parameters; distraction ; attention ; motor processes; music therapy

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