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December 2022

[Psycho-physiological effects of pop music on cardiovascular parameters at rest and during exertion (author's transl) ]

Journal/Book: Wien Med Wochenschr. 1979; 129: 268-75.

Abstract: The effects of pop music on heart rate, systolic and diastolic blood pressure at rest, during exercise on a bicycle ergometer and in the recovery phase were investigated. The psychological effects of the music were analysed by means of a question sheet and correlated with the physiological effects. The psychological effects of the music points to a reduction of monotony and of fatigue. During exercise, especially during low physical strain, there was a good correlation between the psychological and the physiological parameters. The significant decrease of the cardiovascular parameters in the recovery phase demonstrates, that emotional stimuli are influencing the heart rate not only at rest and work, but also in the recovery phase. The results of the psycho- physiological experiments give rise to the conclusion, that individual attitude to music doesn't primarily influence the effects of music on physiological reactions.

Keyword(s): Blood Pressure|. Heart Rate|. Music|

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