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Published research in music therapy, 1973-1978: Content, focus, and implications for future research

Journal/Book: Journal of Music Therapy. 1979; 16: 102-110.

Abstract: Analysis of articles published in the Journal of Music Therapy for 6 yrs indicates a continuing decline in the number of articles published yearly; an increased emphasis on research, especially descriptive and experimental research, balanced between clinics and universities; more studies of the mentally retarded, normal children, and university students; and other research trends. Future research on the historical aspects of music therapy and on the types of clients are proposed. (5 ref) ABSTRACT 2: The purpose of the study was to analyze research published in the Journal of Music Therapy throughout the past six years, to describe the content and focus of research in music therapy, and to draw implications for needed research in the field. Categories established for this analysis include: general emphasis of the paper, setting for research, mode of inquiry, basis for research, and type of clientele. Data resulting from this categorization included: a continued decline in the total number of articles published per year, an increase in research emphasis combined with a balance between clinical and university settings for research, an increase in the proportion of descriptive and experimental research, an increase in the proportion of studies focusing on pedagogical and physical/perceptual bases for music research, and an increasing number of studies focusing on mentally retarded clients, university students and normal children.

Note: content & focus & future proposals; research published in "Journal of Music Therapy"; 1973 78

Keyword(s): Experimentation ; music therapy; scientific communication. music-therapy, music-therapy-research, publications, research, research-methodology, research-problems, Journal-of-Music-Therapy, 1973-1978.

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