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December 2022

Combined use of music with sound of heart beats and respiratory rhythm in psychotherapy

Author(s): Loschi, Julio A.

Journal/Book: Acta Psiquiatrica y Psicologica de America Latina. 1979; 25: 34-41.

Abstract: Briefly describes the findings of 20 yrs of research on the use of sound stimulation as an auxiliary technique in psychotherapy. Results suggest that music serves as an affective unblocking agent and as a vehicle of emotions and feelings that enriches the communication between patient and therapist. The technique is based on human psychobiological development and the role of external and internal rhythmic phenomena beginning in the intrauterine period. Findings from studies with 150 Ss (42% male, 58% female; average age 31 yrs; age range 18-78 yrs) are presented. The combined stimulation of musical sequences with the sound of heart beats and respiratory rhythms produced sedation, relaxation, and sleep induction without side effects. In the projective tests, Ss showed lessening anxiety and a smaller differentiation in the limits of the corporeal scheme. Clinical examination showed a lowering of arterial pressure, particularly the maximal; marked muscle relaxation; and a greater capacity for daily activities. It is suggested that heart beat rhythms are the equivalent of contact and of being rocked, a sensation that soothes basic anxiety. (6 ref)

Note: use of music & heart beat & respiratory rhythm; psychotherapy

Keyword(s): Music ; heart rate; respiration ; psychotherapy ; biofeedback

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