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December 2022

Analysis of visual and auditory rhythmic perception abilities of piano majors

Author(s): Maranto, Cheryl D.

Journal/Book: Perceptual and Motor Skills. 1979; 49: 659-664.

Abstract: 15 female and 7 male college-level piano majors representing 3 categories (music performance, music education, and music therapy) of majors served as Ss. Piano instructors were asked to rate Ss' sight-reading ability on a 10-point scale. Ss were exposed to 30 pairs of rythmic stimuli from the Rhythm subtest of the Seashore Measures of Musical Talents in visual and auditory media. Aural and visual presentations were significantly different and favorable for the aural medium. A significant correlation of .60 was found between ratings of sight-reading and GPA. (9 ref)

Note: visual & auditory rhythmic stimuli & GPA & sight reading ability; judgment of stimulus pattern similarity; college level piano majors

Keyword(s): Visual stimulation; auditory stimulation; stimulus variability; college students; music ; academic achievement; musical ability; perceptual discrimination

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