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November 2022

Combination of immunological and lectin reactions in affinity histochemistry: Proposition of the term affinitin

Journal/Book: Histochemistry 59, 335-342. 1979;

Abstract: Using the series system cell receptor leads to mistletoe lectin leads toantiferritin-antibody leads to ferritin, the possibilities forcombination of lectin and immunological reactions for histochemistry arediscussed. The system cell antigen leads to antibody leads to labelledmistletoe (or other) lectin is recommended for visualization of cellantigens (mistletoe lectin as common immunoglobulin reagent). It ispointed out that lectin reactions do not belong to immunhistochemistrybut to affinity histochemistry. For all receptor specific proteins(antibodies, lectins, enzymes, haptoglobin and other) the term affinitinis proposed. In consideration of this new definition a common scheme isformulated: Affinitin reacts with affinitin receptor forming affinityproduct. Author.

Keyword(s): ANIMAL

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