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December 2022

Welche Erfolgsaussichten bietet die Iscador- Therapie beim fortgeschrittenen Ovarialkarzinom?

Journal/Book: Onkologie 2 (1), 28-36. 1979;

Abstract: Having established the hypothesis that the carcinostatic effect ofIscador described in the literature and ascertained by own observationsshould also show in the treatment of carcinoma of the ovary, we compiledall respective cases treated since November 1969 in the GynecologicalWard of the Gemeinnutziges Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Herdecke. Thecollective consisted of 25 patients with primary neoplasms of the ovarywho received post-operative treatment with Iscador. The average age was50.96 years. 20 women were in the advanced stages III and IV accordingto FIGO. Five-year survival rates were 100% in stages I and II, 23% instage III and 0% in stage IV. After establishing best possiblecongruence, our group of patients was compared with a collective of 22women with neoplasms of the ovary who had received post-operativetreatment with Cytoval. Inspite of less favorable prognostic indicatorsfor the Iscador patients, the latter reached an average survival rate of16.2 months as compared to 5.2 months in the group treated with Cytoval(ratio 3.1:1). The survival period of Iscador patients in stage III was4.2 times longer, in stage IV 1.6 times longer than that of the Cytovalpatients. The difference is statistically significant (alpha less than0.018). A comparison of the results of the two collectives shows thatIscador a special preparation of viscum album, is a useful and effectivetreatment of carcinoma of the ovary, particularly since it usually doesnot cause serious and undesired side effects. Thus the original workinghypothesis was confirmed.

Keyword(s): ACRYLATES/TO (toxicity)

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