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December 2022

Pharmakologische Untersuchungen von Kamille. Inhaltsstoffen IV. Untersuchungen zur Toxitšt des (-)--Bisabolol

Author(s): Leuschner, F., Isaac, O., Thiemer, K.

Journal/Book: Planta Medica. 1979; 37: 115-123.

Abstract: The acute toxicity of (-)-a-bisabolol a main active principle of chamomile Matricaria chamomilla L., is very low in mice and rats after oral administration. For dogs and rhesus monkeys the oral compatibility is good as well. Side effects occur at high dosages only.In the four weeks' subacute toxicity studies the toxicity threshold in rats and dogs ranges between 1.0 and 2.0 ml of bisabolol/kg body weight after oral administration.Influence upon the prenatal development of rats and white New Zealand rabbits cannot be detected after peroral administration of up to 1.0 ml of bisabolol/kg body weight. Incompatibility reactions occur only in the dosage range already toxic to the dam. No teratogenic effect was observed at any dosage tested.

Keyword(s): Matricaria chamomilla

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