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October 2022

Verminderung des Muskeltonus durch Akupunktur bei spastischen Erkrankungen und bei Operationen

Author(s): Fernando, F., Pothmann, R., Jayasuriya, A.

Journal/Book: Akupunktur - Theorie und Praxis. 1979; 7: 127-131.

Abstract: Spasticity of sceletal muscle is found in a number of neurological disorders and is responsible for many of the accompanying disabilities. In this study we are trying to find out whether acupuncture could provide a solution to this problem. Our study is based on the observation made by workers at the Shanghai Institute of Physiology that acupuncture carried out at certain points of the Du channel induces intense muscular relaxation in experimental rabbits. We have studied a series of 30 patients with traumatic spastic paraplegia, spasticity following stroke, cerebral palsy due to birth injury, parkinsonian rigidity. The overall rate of success is. 30 per cent of the cases studied. Subsequent to this we have found that even during surgery the use of this points gives a fair degree of relaxation. This was estimated through the saving of succinylcholin in acupuncture anaesthesia using specific points of the Du channel. In operations done in combined acupuncture anaesthesia using the specific Du points significantly less amount of succinylcholin was needed.

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