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November 2022

Die Wirkung von Scleron auf Aufmerksamkeit und Merkfähigkeit im Alter

Journal/Book: Schweizerische Rundschau für Medizin. 1979; 68: 124-133.

Abstract: During a five months Scleron therapy, the abilities of attention and perception o 36 over 58 years old patients with clinical indication of arteriosclerosis were observed by, use of the Meili and Benton tests and the results compared with a control group of 39 patients. The observation was not allowed to influence the doctor patient relationship. 7-he conditions of the Declaration of Helsinki were to be complied with.The patients in the Scleron group were observed to be capable of learning over a longer period o time and at an older age level. In the Benton test this result was first apparent between the third and fifth month of therapy" which characterizes Scleron as a long term medicine. The improvement in the conditions o the patients of both groups followed the principles of normalization. Consequently" Scleron appears to have a positive influence on the interplay between the vital and the neighbouring psychic levels.

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