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March 2023

Comparison of the effects of acupuncture and codeine on postoperative dental pain

Author(s): Cerine, M., Frederickson, E.

Journal/Book: Anesth Analg Curr Res. 1977; 56: 473-478.

Abstract: The analgesic effects of acupuncture were compared with those of codeine in the treatment of postoperative dental pain in 40 healthy male volunteers 18 to 30 Years old.Upon the patient,s recovery from local anesthesia (lidocaine), he was asked by a trained observer to classify the intensity of his pain as none, mild, moderate, or severe. He then received one of the foIlowing treatments:1. PIacebo. lactose, plus acupuneture placebo2. Codeine: codeine, plus acupuncture placebo3. Acupuncture (Ho-Ku) . lactose, plus 2 Ho-Ku points4. Codeine-acupuncture: codeine, plus 2 Ho-Ku pointsThe pain intensity score was recorded by the observer at half-hour intervals for 3 hours. Patients in treatment groups 2, 3 and 4 showed significantly greater pain relief than those in treatment group 1. For the 1,t half hour, there was more pain relief with Ho-Ku alone than with codeine plus Ho-Ko (p<0.01). However, for the 2, 21/2, and 3-hour periods, codeine Plus Ho-Ku Produced more Pain relief than any of the other treatments.

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