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October 2021

Relation of musical wind instruments to malocclusion

Journal/Book: J Am Dent Assoc. 1976; 92: 565-70.

Abstract: Eighty-four seventh graders of both sexes, not undergoing orthodontic treatment, participated in a double-blind study to determine the effect on the anterior teeth of playing a musical wind instrument. The instrument players were just beginning their studies. Seventh graders not playing a musical wind instrument served as the control group. Impressions and plaster casts were made of each mouth at the beginning and conclusion of the study. The plaster casts were marked with the same numerical code assigned to each student. Overjet and overbite measurements of the anterior teeth were taken from the plaster casts and recorded. Findings indicate that, on an individual basis, the effect on the anterior teeth of playing a musical wind instrument is unpredictable. Only on a group basis can a class of musical wind instruments be theorized to have a certain effect on the anterior teeth. The playing of a musical wind instrument should not be used as a substitute for orthodontic treatment.

Keyword(s): Malocclusion|/PA/TH. Music|

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